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How to Properly Dress for a Country Club

Would you know how to dress for a country club if one of your friends or business associates invited you to his or her favorite country club for a round of golf, a tennis match or dinner? While you may not be familiar with country club dinner attire, you can rest assured you probably already have everything you need in your closet to dress appropriately.

If you’re grappling with what to wear to a country club, stop. What is considered country club casual today is similar to what “business casual” is considered to be. This means quality and comfort are the two primary factors that should drive your choices when it comes to picking your country club attire.

Country Club Attire for Men

As far as country club attire for men goes, it’s safe to assume you’ll need to wear a jacket. If you’re visiting a country club during warmer weather, make sure your jacket is lightweight and breathable to avoid excessive sweating and overheating. In most country club settings, it’s permissible to remove your jacket once you’re inside the facility and enjoying its amenities, so it’s important to wear an appropriate shirt and pants that fit properly at the waist.

In general, a collared polo shirt and khaki pants are good choices when you’re heading to a country club for the first time. As you become more familiar with the country club’s culture, you’ll be able to widen your range of dress choices and mix your attire up a bit by adding more colorful, perhaps patterned, pants and shirts.


Country Club Attire for Women

Comfort, quality and relaxed sophistication are the three things that should drive your country club dress choices if you’re a female. Think about what you’d wear to an outdoor corporate meeting or a summer wedding to get an idea of what’s appropriate for a country club environment.

Even though many country clubs have more liberal dress codes than they used to, it’s still advisable to err on the side of conservatism and modesty when selecting what you’ll wear, especially if you’re making your first appearance at a country club. While sleeveless shirts are often acceptable attire, halter tops and silhouettes generally aren’t. If you’re unsure about whether your top is appropriate, wear a light sweater over it.

If you’re going to wear a dress, skirt or shorts, the hemline should be no more than a few inches above your knees. If you’ve decided pants are the way to go, make sure they have a tailored fit. It is not appropriate to wear baggy or skin-tight attire to a country club.

Enjoy What We Offer at Marin Country Club

At Marin Country Club, you’ll see that the lifestyle we promote is an active one. Our guests are dressed for fun and fitness as they enjoy our golf course, tennis courts, fitness center and pools. We offer the amenities that will keep you healthy, fit and looking great in whatever outfit you decide to wear.
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