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Questions to Ask Before Joining a Country Club

Marin Country Club is a private golf, tennis and swim club located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay region’s Ignacio Valley. We’re delighted that you’re considering joining our membership, and happy to help you understand how country clubs work. Review our tips for joining a country club, and contact us to schedule a tour.

Country Club Etiquette

As prospective members already know, polite behavior is the unwritten rule at Marin Country Club. In addition to courteous and thoughtful behavior, there are additional etiquette guidelines to follow. We believe these guidelines enhance the member experience. To make the most of your membership, abiding by these rules is a necessity.

Following the dress code is essential. Many clubs prohibit denim, unless clearly specified in advance of a special event. Wearing white for tennis is another common rule. Guests are only permitted during member-guest events. Be sure to check house rules for golf and tennis tournaments, scheduling tee times and reserving court space. 

Should you join our club, we will furnish you with an etiquette guide that explains the finer points of our dress code and other house rules.

Membership Fee and Expected Expenses

In addition to your membership fee, you will be expected to spend a minimum amount on Club facilities every year. You can include greens fees, dining, lessons and other expenses in this total. Keep in mind that when you join Marin Country Club, you’ll spend more time eating and playing here than you will at other places. If you dine out and play golf frequently, or if you’re considering installing a pool at your home, a club membership may prove to be a smarter financial decision. Nevertheless, before you commit to a membership, ensure that the membership fee and expected charges are well within your budget.

Facility Amenities and Quality

Touring the facility is an absolute must before joining any country club. We are proud of our astonishing views, golf course, beautiful grounds and luxurious clubhouse. Explore our facility and you’ll find fine and casual dining options, four heated pools, a well-equipped fitness room, luxuriously appointed locker rooms and more. After touring the facility, you will know it is well maintained and modern, and staffed by attentive, knowledgeable professionals who make outstanding service their top priority.

Hosting Private Events

Lastly, ask your country club membership director about the ease of hosting private events. As you become accustomed to the country club lifestyle, you’ll want to share your home away from home with your family and friends. Hosting events such as weddings, anniversary and birthday parties, and other special events should be a benefit of country club membership.
Contact Us
For more information about membership or to schedule a tour, contact us at 415.382.6712.