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Summer is always fun at the Marin Country Club Pool!

Swim season is Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, with lifeguards on duty daily. We have three pools to best accommodate all ages: a gated adult pool with hot tub, children’s wading pool and a large family pool.

To make your summer even more enjoyable we have a Snack Shack serving tasty meals, treats and beverages for both adults and children. With plenty of poolside seating, a shaded courtyard, basketball court and lots of lawn space for kids to run around, this will be your home-away-from-home every summer!

Swim Lessons

In addition to fun and relaxation, many of our Members have learned to swim in the MCC Pool. We offer lessons for all ages and skill levels.

Guppy Lessons

Best for ages 3-5. For water adjustment, focusing on how to enter and exit the pool safely, blowing bubbles, face submersion, floating and water play. Children must be able to detach from the parent to enter the pool with the instructor.

Turtle Lessons

Swimming Readiness, focusing on breath control, face submersion, swimming unsupported, kicking with support and floating.

Sea Otter Lessons

Stroke Development, focusing on swimming without support, stroke technique, independent streamline on front and back, deep breaths while swimming, deep water swimming and breaststroke.

Dolphin Lessons

Stroke Refinement and Endurance, focusing on breaststroke technique, smooth transitioning work, side breathing and building endurance for laps.

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