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One of the most respected private country clubs in Northern California, Marin Country Club combines the love of golf, recreation and dining with friends and family to create a unique and memorable experience.

Golf on our recently renovated course, play tennis on our plexi-cushion courts, relax around our sparkling swimming pools, stay fit in our fully equipped fitness studio and enjoy exceptional cuisine.

At Marin Country Club, we offer year-round activities and events, allowing members to enjoy time with their friends and to create lifelong memories and relationships.

Although our challenging golf course is a big draw, our Country Club offers more than the opportunity to hit the links.  MCC offers a welcoming atmosphere that’s truly family-friendly. Our members span generations. From grandparents to great-grandchildren and everyone in between, our members enjoy an active lifestyle that promotes healthy living, socializing, community and connectivity. They make lasting connections that are reinforced by daily interactions and the many social events we host throughout the year.

We invite you to take a tour of our breathtaking property. While our golf course will quickly grab your attention, it won’t take you long to see what truly sets us apart — a deep sense of community.

Membership Opportunities

Choose the membership that best fits your lifestyle…

Entitles member and their family* to full golf privileges and the use of all Club facilities.

Full Golf Members enjoy reciprocal golf privileges at Troon properties worldwide.

Entitles member and their family* to privileges of the tennis courts, pool, fitness center, clubhouse and dining facilities.

Lifestyle Members may play up to 12 rounds of golf per calendar year. Greens fees apply. Not eligible for reciprocal golf privileges at Troon properties worldwide.

*”Family” refers to unmarried children, of each spouse, under the age of twenty-three residing at the Member’s permanent home address.

For more information or to schedule a tour, complete the form below and our Membership Department will be in touch.

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Membership Opportunities

Regular Proprietary Membership (Golf)

If you’re looking for a close-knit, multi-generational environment in which you can talk, play and learn new skills, Marin County Club is the perfect place for you. Since 1957, we’ve been dedicated to establishing an inclusive experience for everyone who joins our family.

Our Regular Proprietary country club Membership is meant for those who come with a passion for golf, but it provides so much more. As a member, you and your immediate family will enjoy unlimited golf, full use of the golf course and practice area and the opportunity to access all our other great features. Here’s what you can experience with your bay area golf membership:


Our club offers much more than just golf. We’re also fully invested in helping you engage in an active, exciting lifestyle. That’s why we provide a full range of amenities.

At Marin Country Club, you can enjoy our beautiful 18-hole golf course at any skill level, hone your skills in our practice area and follow up your game with a hearty meal. We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner guaranteed to meet everyone’s tastes, from casual fare in our Grill to elegant entrees in our Fine Dining.


With our regular proprietary membership, if you want to branch out from golf, our other active offerings are numerous. Swim laps or just relax in one of our luxury heated pools, where you’ll also have access to a snack bar, towel service and a full bar.

If you have little ones, treat them to the family pool, where you can introduce toddlers to swimming or let your older kids splash and play. If you need some adult-only time, let us supervise your kids while you visit our adult area and enjoy a dip in the hot tub.

Tennis Courts

Try our lighted, cushioned courts for a game-changer. With access to our tennis courts year-round, you can take lessons, team up with fellow members, compete on a tennis team and enjoy the club atmosphere. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned tennis expert, we have tennis options for you.

Fitness Center

Our regular Marin club membership allows you to stay in shape on and off the course and the courts by visiting our newly renovated, state-of-the-art fitness center. Sweat, socialize and try our range of top classes in a supportive, encouraging community. With a new focus on wellness, Marin Country Club offers its members a diverse array of programming designed to help find a healthy life balance.

Members-Only Activities

As a member of Marin Country Club, you’re not just a customer. You’re family. Throughout the year, we’ll make sure to integrate you into our connected community with invitations to wine tastings, kids’ summer camps, holiday parties, cooking classes, BINGO nights and more.

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If you’re looking for a golf membership in Marin County, you’ll find everything you wished for and more at Marin Country Club. With modern, high-quality facilities, first-class amenities and activities for the whole family, you’ll immerse yourself in the warm, social, active lifestyle you desire. Schedule a tour today.

Regular Proprietary Membership (Social)

If you have an active family of sports-lovers, swimmers, socializers and explorers or if you’d just love to meet community members with as much energy and excitement as yourself, Marin Country Club is the right place for you. Our social membership in the Bay Area offers access to a first-class 18-hole golf course, swimming pools, tennis courts, a newly renovated fitness center and so much more.

With outstanding amenities and an inclusive community, Marin Country Club has been connecting families and forging lifelong friendships since 1957. With our Regular Social Proprietary Membership, you and your family will have access to everything you need, including 12 rounds of golf each year and unlimited access to all our other amenities. See what we have to offer:

Golf Course and Practice Area

If working on your golf game is important to you, our gorgeous 18-hole course provides the perfect place to practice. You can also work on a particular swing or adjust your technique in the practice area whenever you would like.


Our three heated pools offer comfort, luxury, fitness, fun and opportunities to socialize. Stretch your legs by swimming laps or perfect your paddle as you chat. You’ll also enjoy full towel service and access to snacks and adult beverages.

Your kids can splash and play with friends in our family pool, which has accommodations for every age, from toddlers to tweens. If you need some time to relax, let your kids stay in our supervised area while you enjoy the hot tub or relax in our adult pool.

Tennis Courts

Play tennis on our lighted, cushioned courts. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, enjoy the game with lessons with our tennis pros, team activities, leagues and other community members. If you’d rather observe, bring the kids to watch a few games. Marin Country Club boasts an active tennis program that’s both fun and competitive.

Fitness Centers

Stay in shape and socialize at our state-of-the-art fitness center. With excellent equipment, an energetic morale and top-rated fitness classes, we’ve crafted the perfect environment to keep you motivated to stay healthy.


All that activity can make your family hungry. Grab a bite to eat at one of our restaurants anytime. From light fare to elegant dining, we have the right meals to satisfy your palate.

Members-Only Activities

Not only will you make lifelong friends at our inclusive club, but you’ll solidify those connections through our community activities. All year long, we’ll invite you to participate in and enjoy members-only events. From holiday parties and wine tastings to BINGO and summer camp for kids, we never run out of fun for you and your family.

Intermediate Membership (Young Professional)

Are you a young, energetic individual just starting out in your career? When it comes to gaining experience, socializing, networking or just unwinding, opportunities can be few and far between with the demands of the workplace. But your office isn’t the only opportunity to make contacts, and returning home at the end of the day isn’t the only way to relax. If you’re looking for golfing clubs for young professionals in the Bay Area, Marin Country Club may have just what you need.

Since 1957, we’ve been helping our members build networks, forge friendships and enjoy a lifestyle that incorporates fitness, fun, learning and socialization. To take advantage of networking clubs for young professionals, try our Intermediate Membership. With this age-based membership opportunity, you’ll enjoy unlimited golf, full access to the course and practice area and access to all our amenities. Here’s everything we have to offer to young professionals and golf enthusiasts:

18-Hole Course and Practice Area

Brush up on your golfing skills and engage in a game anytime you desire. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, our beautiful course provides a challenge and a breathtaking view. In your downtime, polish your skills in our practice area.


Sometimes, the best place to socialize is over a hearty meal or a light lunch. Enjoy fine-dining or light fare in a variety of flavors and styles at any of our restaurants.


Cool down or warm up in our luxury heated pools. Whether you want to wade and socialize or get some laps in, you’ll enjoy the refreshing atmosphere, full towel service and access to the full bar and snack bar. If you have young kids or toddlers, let them play in the supervised family pool. If not, or if you need some relaxation time, head to our adult pool for a dip in the hot tub and company 18 and older.

Tennis Courts

If your connections on the golf course aren’t enough or you’re looking for a more aggressive outlet, head to our cushioned, lighted tennis courts to get your head into a new game. Take lessons alone or in a group, get involved in competitive or casual matches, play in teams with other members or participate in leagues.

Fitness Centers

If fitness classes and exercise equipment are more your style than sports, we have everything to suit your needs in our state-of-the-art fitness center. Take classes, stay motivated and sweat it out with your fellow community members.

Members-Only Activities

Building connections is about more than just chatting on the course or the courts. Make lifelong friends and lasting networks by participating in Marin Country Club’s members-only events and activities. With our holiday parties, wine tastings, BINGO nights and cooking classes, you’ll feel like a member of one big family.

Corporate Membership

If you’re looking for a unique way to reward your employees or connect with them in a social way outside of work, Marin Country Club is the perfect pick for you.

Since 1957, we’ve been dedicated to creating an inclusive community that promotes teamwork, forges friendship, endorses activity and connects individuals across ages. With our Corporate Membership, your business of five or more employees receives unlimited golfing privileges and all the added excitement of our top-tier amenities. As the corporate designee, you and your family, along with the families of five employee designees, will enjoy everything we have to offer:

Golf Course and Practice Area

Make connections and show off your skills on our breathtaking, challenging 18-hole course. When you’re not engaging in a game, improve your swing in our state-of-the-art practice area.


Swimming is good for the body, mind and social circle. Enjoy unlimited access to our luxury heated pools, where you can swim, relax or socialize with the complementary benefits of full towel service, a snack bar and a full bar.

Take your kids to our family pool, which offers supervised splashing fun for all ages. If you need some time away from the little ones, drop by our adult pool for a relaxing dip in the hot tub and the chance to catch up with your peers and employees.

Tennis Courts

Improve your game in our lighted, cushioned courts as you engage in private or group lessons, competitive or casual matches, team activities or tennis leagues. If you’d rather watch with your family, socialize from the comfort of our courtside viewing area.

Fitness Center

We’re all about friends and fitness! Enjoy our top-quality equipment, participate in rigorous exercise classes and keep up with your fellow motivated members in our state-of-the-art fitness center. With a new focus on overall wellness, Marin Country Club is dedicated to helping you find a healthy life balance.


Catch up with everyone over a delicious meal at one of our restaurants. With options ranging from light fare to fine dining, we’re sure to cook up something to satisfy.

Members-Only Activities

Here at Marin Country Club, we’re not just a social, sporty business. We’re a family. You and your employees can join the circle with inclusive invitations to our members-only events. From holiday parties to summer camp for kids and wine tastings to cooking classes, we have activities for everyone year-round.

Our Amenities

At Marin Country Club, our members enjoy an active, engaged lifestyle that’s perfect for individuals of all ages and families of all sizes. When you have a membership at our country club, you’ll have access to many sought-after amenities, such as:

Golf Course

A Marin Country Club membership gives you access to an 18-hole golf course that’s as breathtaking as it is fun and challenging. Whether you’re an experienced golfer or you’re just getting familiar with the game, you’ll enjoy testing your skills on our course. You’ll also enjoy polishing your skills in our practice area.

Swimming Pools

As a member of Marin Country Club, you can access any one of our three heated pools. Additionally, when you visit our pools, you’ll enjoy a snack bar, a full bar and convenient towel service. Our pools are among the most luxurious and best-kept pools in the East Bay area — they’re the perfect place for our members to exercise, socialize and relax.

If you have kids, you’ll enjoy spending time with them in our family pool, which ranges from 2 ½ feet to six feet deep. If your kids are toddlers, you may prefer to splash around with them in our children’s wading pool. At one-foot deep, our children’s wading pool is the ideal place to introduce your young children to the water.

If you want to get away from your supervised kids for a bit, you can visit our adult pool. Reserved for members and guests who are 18 years or older, our adult pool features a hot tub where you can truly unwind.

Restaurants Access

Whether you’ve just finished a challenging 18 holes or are bringing your spouse in for a delicious dinner, you and your family are welcome to enjoy a meal in our restaurants. Our dining options range from fine dining to a more relaxed atmosphere at our Bar & Grill. If you’d like to enjoy a light, casual meal or want to share an elegant dinner with friends, you won’t be disappointed with the fare our restaurants serve. You can even enjoy a relaxed breakfast when you visit our restaurants early in the day.

Invitations to Members-Only Activities

As a member of our country club, you’ll be invited to participate in many activities throughout the year that foster a strong sense of community and connectivity. From holiday celebrations for the whole family to summer camps for the kids, wine tastings, cooking classes, BINGO nights and much, much more, there’s always something fun happening at Marin Country Club that you can experience with other members of our tight-knit community.

Tennis Courts

If you already love playing tennis or are just thinking of picking up the game, you can spend time on our four plexi-cushion, lighted tennis courts. Our tennis courts are open year-round, so you can head to Marin Country Club for a competitive or relaxed match no matter when the tennis bug bites.

We offer private, semi-private and group lessons and clinics for beginners and veteran tennis players. In addition to taking lessons, you can team up with other community members and compete on a tennis team or in a league. Even if you don’t play, you’re always invited to cheer on others as you sit in our comfortable, courtside viewing area.

You don’t have to be star player to enjoy tennis at Marin Country Club — you just have to be a member of our family-oriented, active community.

Fitness Center

We have a state-of-the-art fitness center that offers some of the area’s top fitness classes. Whether you’re training for a special event like a marathon or you simply want to get in better shape, the experts in our fitness center can help you achieve your goals.

Our community members support each other as they strive to reach the next level of fitness — there’s no judgement here. We’ve fostered a supportive community full of people eager to see you succeed and surpass whatever fitness goals you’ve set for yourself.

Our Membership Options

We have several country club membership options tailored for you and your family’s interests and activities:

Regular Proprietary (Golf)

The Regular Proprietary Membership provides the Member of our country club and their immediate family with unlimited golf and full use of the all the amenities including the golf course, golf practice area, tennis courts, pools, fitness center, restaurant and events.

Regular Social Proprietary (Social)

The Regular Social Proprietary Membership is the ideal country club membership for the active social family. Social Members and their immediate family can play 12 rounds of golf a year per family and full access to all other facilities including the golf practice area, tennis courts, pools, fitness center, restaurant and events.

Intermediate (Young Professional)

The Intermediate Membership is age-based and specifically designed for the avid young golfer and their golfing family. It provides the Member and their immediate family all the privileges of a full golf member – unlimited golf and full use of the golf course, golf practice area, tennis courts, pools, fitness center, restaurant and events.


Businesses with five or more employees are eligible for a Corporate Membership at Marin Country Club. The corporate designee and their family receives full golfing privileges and full privileges can be granted for up to five employee designees and their families.

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Four our country club membership fees and to see which membership is right for you, schedule a tour of Marin Country Club today. We’ll show you around your new home away from home, paying special attention to all the amenities you’ll have access to as a member. Give us a call or contact us online to schedule your tour so you can see what it’s like to be a part of a tightly-knit, connected community of cross-generational members now. Contact our Membership Director at

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