“Joining MCC just a year ago has added immeasurably to my wife’s and my quality of life. From the gorgeous, beautifully maintained and very walkable golf course to great cocktails, delicious food, the stylish new restaurant, and beautiful weather year round, it is the perfect place to relax and have fun. But, most of all, the friendliness and warmth of management, long-time and devoted staff, the board and members make MCC a truly unique club. We were welcomed with open arms from day one and, in less than a year, we have made many new friends for life. Additionally, I have witnessed first hand management and the board’s commitment to diversity in membership and leadership positions which further enhances how special MCC is. My wife Cherie and I cannot imagine life without MCC!”

  -   H O N .   A N G E L A   B R A D S T R E E T

MCC has the necessary ingredients [like baking a cake], a caring staff and a membership of respectful families, and an active Board which has input from various committees while maintaining fiscal needs of the club a priority. It's the People and Ideas...

  -   J I M   F I N N

The club is our second home, our kids love the pool, the grill, the tennis courts, the junior golf program! We have met all our close friends in the MCC community. We are grateful for the staff and amazing members. 17 years we have enjoyed MCC!”

  -   M E L I S S A   H A L L

The club feels like home to us. We are there almost everyday between golf, tennis, the pool, and dining. We love walking into the club knowing we will run into at least a few of our friends. It's a place to be active, social, and enjoy life with our family and children.

  -   D A I N E E   R O S S

MCC is a hidden gem for golf, relaxation and social activities. We have a great membership and a staff that makes you feel part of the family.

  -   C H R I S   B R O W N

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